Tagged Beats License

Tagged Beats and Tracks Rights:

You will receive a link for an encoded MP3 file of the tagged song.  Tagged leasing rights allow you to use the beat (or song) with tag for ONE recording. This recording can then be distributed  online for promotional purposes only. You may NOT sell the recording, either by itself or on a mix-tape or album. You may also use the beat for non-profit promotional use or demos. You have full rights to record, alter, mix the beat/song in any shape, way, or form (except reselling the beat). You will receive a contract in the E-mail granting you tagged Track rights to the beat. In the event that someone buys exclusive rights to the beat you have leased, your rights shall stand and the beat is still yours to use only as stated in this License.  You must however give full credit to the seller and publishing will be a 50/50 split on all commercial recordings.   Publishing Info:  (Louis Kim Lambert Music)  ASCAP artist/song writer info: (LUPAH or Mr. Louis Kim Lambert)  Upon purchasing leasing rights, the seller still owns the beat(s) and the seller is able to resell the beat(s) to any other party until exclusive rights have been purchased.