Let LUPAH PHAiYM make your own Hit Tracks!

You have the talent. Your friends and family keep telling you “You have a nice voice!!” You sing in church and everybody is like “This girl, your voice is too sweet!!”  Something inside keeps telling you “I’m a Star!!” Plus you have this concept for a song that you know can make you the next superstar….Take the first step. You can be as popular as pure water!!

Let us  produce your custom made beats, and make that concept of yours become the song everybody can’t stop singing to!

Just shoot us an email to (Please add “Remix by LUPAH PHAiYM” in the subject description)  with as much information as you can, so that we can provide the best product for your budget.

For a limited time we are offering a Custom Beats Promotion: $300 per custom beat!! $450 for 2 beats!! Get your instrumentals produced now!!

Remix Beat Instruction:

Type of Beat style: Please send  us or mention a reference beat or beats so that we know what type of beat you want. Tell what type of mood or feeling you want the beat to give the listener. Tell us what type of style, ie highlife, trap, mid-tempo hip hop, shoki etc.

Send us your recorded vocals: We will require an mp3 or wav file or simply a video recording you made on your phone (or any other device) of the melody of the hook or chorus and possibly a verse. This gives us an idea of the progression of your song and we will build your beat based on that.

Structure of the beat: We need the structure so that we can fine-tune and create what you want. Example: 4bars intro, 8bars chorus, 16 bars verse, 4 bars outro, etc..

Instruments to use: Suggest to us what instruments you want; a piano, some strings, a violin, an electric guitar etc. If you’re not sure about this, that’s fine. We’ll choose what instruments best match the feel of what you need.

Beats per Minute: The BPM is the speed or tempo of beat. You can always tell us to use a particular tempo of an existing track, and we will happily use that.

After you have sent the email, we will send you a PayPal link and you are required to deposit 50% of the price. The remaining amount is paid only if you are fully satisfied with the custom beat.

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