Music Services

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Mission Statement

Beats and seek to change the face of the music industry by striving to promote innovation as far as musical production goes. We are in strong consensus that many of the beats we hear today are monotonous hence lack the spark of creativity/ substance needed to keep tracks relevant.

We believe that being a popular artist today is not a real representation of talent, thus make it part of our mission to help and nurture upcoming artist that show promise.

In conclusion we aim to always keep you entertained as fans, covered as artist and on your toes as producers.

Our Service

Currently Beats and provide:

  • Beat Production Service– Original compositions for leasing purpose/ free.
  • Instrumental Covers– These covers are some of the best ‘remakes’ of beats you have heard of. We produce these from scratch using our own sounds, at the expense of our time in order to give back to our fans/ upcoming artist.
  • Album/ Mixtape service– We can produce entire projects and provide advice/ services  for image and branding.
  • Tutorials– Various tutorials aimed at anyone willing to learn from beginners to advanced producers/ artist.

Do note that we will not be working for free on custom beats. We do care about the community and thus invest a lot of time making free instrumental remakes and also the odd generic free beat.

What should you be expecting from us?

  • Well firstly High Quality Instrumentals, beats and service
  • Instrumental remakes and Remixes upon your request only
  • Beats to lease
  • Tutorials – Soon coming
  • Vocal + Track mixing/ mastering