LUPAH PHAiYM About picture


Music Producer / Remix Artist (1969–)
DJ / Producer / Director LUPAH PHAiYM first made his name creating mix tapes and beats in the 1980s.


Born in Seoul, Korea, on May 4, 1969, LUPAH PHAiYM took to the DJ booth at age 15.  As a young teenager, he discovered the art of DJing through watching Grand Master Flash cut it up for the first time on a T.V program.  From there on it was history in making. He worked in area clubs and house parties, mastering beat mixing and scratches. Eventually, this led to making beats and tracks for local artists where ever he laid his hat.  In 1998, LUPAH PHAiYM and Austin “Uncle” Kim founded LP Entertainment, a music production company out in Orange County, California.

Early Life

Born Louis Kim Lambert on May 4, 1969, LUPAH PHAiYM’s DJ work started in his bedroom when he was just 15 years old. It wasn’t long before he was making mix tapes and beats, where he became known as “D.J Louie Lou”—not in a position to book his own gigs, he always had his DJ equipment in the trunk of his car. But it was in this setting that he began to master his skills.  Soon, at house parties and clubs he was the one to be called upon when the party needed a boost.

In high school, LUPAH PHAiYM excelled in sports, but he wanted to make music. LUPAH PHAiYM received a turntable for Christmas in 1986 and soon turned his room into his studio. For hours on end, he would work his magic, taking pieces of different songs and sounds to make his own tracks.

Being half Korean and half Irish, Louis Kim Lambert never knew his father, who was sent to Vietnam war when LUPAH PHAiYM was still in his mother’s womb.  As a result, LUPAH PHAiYM was raised by his mother and Grandmother. She always managed to hold down a job to support the entire family.  When she married a officer in an American Army, they moved frequently.  This opportunity introduced LUPAH PHAiYM to world of music.

Other Projects

Besides music, LUPAH PHAiYM is also passionate about Video production and photography.  He has filmed, directed and edited over 20+ music videos and countless number of photography for models and artists.